Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I have no cheer or tumbling experience. Can I still be on a competitive team?

A:  In most cases, yes.  As long as we do not have more athletes at placement than we have positions for, all athletes will be placed on either an all-star or prep team.  If we have more athletes than positions, or if an athlete requires additional time to work on his or her skills, some athletes may be recommended for a pre-competitive team.
Q:  I cannot attend placement/try-outs.  What can I do to get on a team?

A:  Please call the gym to arrange for a private assessment.  Or click here

Q: My age fits into a younger division but I want to be on an older team (eg. I am junior age and want to be on a senior team.)  Can I just go to the placement or try-out for the older team?

A: We strive to have well balanced teams in regards to both age and ability. If there is a team for your skills at your age division you will not be moved to the next division unless the coaches determine that a specific spot needs to be filled. Athletes should experience what it is like to be the youngest on a team and the oldest for a well-rounded athletic experience.
Q: Why is there summer training for all-star teams? 

A: Taking the entire summer off has a negative impact on athlete’s skills especially at the higher levels.  Tumbling skills that are not practiced on a regular basis are often “lost” and skill level regresses.  Summer is also an important time to build new skills and bond with your team.  Summer training is only once a week.  We do not practice weekends with the exception of some team camps that take place in mid to late September.

Q: Do I have to take tumbling in the summer?

A:  Summer tumbling is optional but highly recommended for all levels.
Q: I am not able to come to any spring/summer practices.  Can I still be on an all-star team?

A:  Summer training is important as it is a time to build skills and bond as a team.  We understand that families will take vacations but expect athletes to be at the majority of practices.  If you cannot attend summer practices (July-August) you must notify us at placement or try-outs. 

Q: Can I come by to see your gym?
A: Absolutely! 

Q: Do you offer fundraising?

A: We have a parents group who will run several optional fundraisers each season.  The best part is, money you raise goes directly into your Adrenaline Athletics account!